P320 Manual Safety Conversion

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Manual Safety Conversion for a SIG P320 or 80% P320 Frame (Post-Upgrade Only)


This is a Service to convert an existing SIG P320 to manual safety. This includes the manual safety parts and grip cut, as required. We can cut factory frames or 80% frames. 

Perfect for your EDC P320 or competition!

We precision cut the manual safety pocket in any P320 frame in 9mm, 40S&W, 357SIG or 45ACP to exact SIG Sauer specifications. Each frame is tested for fit and function.

The manual safety parts are exchanged for your existing SIG non-manual safety FCU parts. Grip is cut as required. No additional holes are cut or drilled!

Includes:  CNC cut your frame for the P320 Manual Safety Lever. Exchange non-safety parts with manual safety parts. Cut polymer SIG grip (factory grips only). Function test. Please add a P320 frame or 80% frame and FCU parts kit to your order if you haven't already. Lead time can be up to 2 weeks, but is often less.

Please contact us before shipping your frame (We are a licensed Firearms Dealer). All completed frames must have a serial number and must be accompanied by a copy of valid state-issued driver's license or ID card (no PO Boxes for return address). You must include the FACTORY SIG non-safety FCU parts for exchange.

Return shipping charge is included, signature is required upon return.

FCU Parts, Barrel, Slide, Grip, Magazines, etc. are obviously NOT INCLUDED.

PLEASE NOTE: AB Prototype modifications to your frame are not authorized by SIG Sauer or JSD Supply. Any modifications to these frames will most likely void any existing manufacturer warranty. AB Prototype does not provide any additional warranty, neither expressed nor implied. We only guarantee fit and function of the manual safety lever on completed frames.