FFL and Firearm Transfers

Firearms and serialized frames sold must be shipped to Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers Only

OUTGOING FIREARMS: All firearms and serialized frames sold will only be shipped to FFL holders and the addresses listed on the license. All licenses are verified through ATF's FFL EZ-Check. We are required by Federal law to have a copy of the license on file before we can ship.

We are a licensed California firearms dealer and can ship to other California FFLs. Please send your FFL license or FFL contact information to contact@abprototype.com. We can also accept licenses mailed to our business address. If purchasing firearms from us we attempt to denote which firearms are not on the CA DOJ Roster, but it is the customers' responsibility to confirm with their receiving FFL that the firearm is transferable. Note that stripped handgun frames are not on the CA Handgun Roster. Off-roster handguns may ONLY be purchased by Law Enforcement and other FFLs in California.

INCOMING FIREARMS: We accept incoming firearms for transfer from FFLs and individuals. If the firearm purchased is a handgun please confirm it is currently on the CA DOJ Handgun Roster or C&R (or you are exempt). We cannot accept CA "assault weapons" for conversion - CA law prevents it. All firearms coming into the state must be CA legal upon entry. We are not responsible for incoming that are not on-roster or CA legal. Non-compliant firearms will be immediately returned at the customers' expense. 

The transfer fee for incoming firearms is $35, plus CA DROS fee of $37.19. We must collect sales tax (use tax) from the sale of firearms coming from FFLs. (Invoice must be provided) The seller must include their FFL and CA DOJ shipment approval number or a copy of their driver's license with the shipment (no PO Boxes on DL). The fee for each subsequent firearm after the first is $25. 

Military and Law Enforcement transfers are $25, plus DROS and associated taxes. The customer must show ID. 

AMMO TRANSFERS: We also accept ammunition for transfer. We collect the $1 DOJ fee (or $19 if not in the system). We must also collect sales tax on the purchase price. Please provide us with a copy of the invoice. We can only accept CA-legal ammunition (no tracers, incendiary, etc.). We charge a $5 fee for each ammunition transfer. Please pick up ammo within one week of delivery or make prior arrangements.