JSD Supply MUP-1 Frame

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This is a new JSD 80% frame to build yourself a custom or self-built P320. It will work with any P320 9mm, 40SW or 357SIG (not manual safety without modification). Will also work with 45ACP with minor modifications. All GEN 2/3 frames fit the new drop parts (frame tab cut). Please note these are now the Gen 3 P320 frames offered by JSD. Inside is laser marked by JSD, among other minor changes. Frames are still compatible with JSD jigs.

Frame requires finishing to be a complete firearm. All city, state and Federal laws apply when manufacturing your own firearm.

Includes: 1 JSD Supply MUP-1 (SIG P320) Unfinished Frame (Gen 3)

Free Shipping.

FCU Parts, Barrel, Slide, etc. are obviously NOT INCLUDED.

No FFL is REQUIRED. THIS IS NOT A FIREARM. JSD has their ATF determination letter stating this is not a firearm.

See our option to add the manual safety pocket to your frame: Manual Safety Cut