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PVD Coating, Black DLC

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Lead time for PVD coatings is 6-8 weeks
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PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Coating Metal Parts, Black DLC ($100 MINIMUM LOT CHARGE)

This is a Coating Service ONLY to add a PVD coating to most metal firearm parts. Minimum lot charge is $100. The parts are listed in the options above to provide an idea of the items we can PVD coat (all metal items except brass). Please select from the most common items we PVD coat. The lot charge will typically cover a slide and barrel. Additional parts will be an additional charge. Feel free to contact us and we will quote you and charge you accordingly if you would like to proceed. Most metal firearm parts, including serialized frames/receivers can be PVD coated. Steels are the most robust for PVD coating, aluminums also work, but are a soft substrate so cracks or scraps may appear if the material is displaced. 

The PVD coating service we offer is specific for firearms applications. It adds an ultra thin (semi-tough) surface finish to the substrate. Friction coefficient and corrosion resistance is greatly improved. Most surfaces do not need masking unless tolerances between the mating surfaces are extremely tight. Black (DLC) PVD is close to the wear-resistant of TiN (titanium nitride) coating, but could wear in high contact areas such as barrels and slides. Thickness is approximately 1-5 microns (.00004"-.0002").

Applications for PVD coating include: slides, barrels, internal components, triggers, upper/lower receivers, suppressors, muzzle devices, magazine bodies and more...

Includes:  SERVICE ONLY to PVD coat your part(s). Parts should be stripped 100%. If you cannot strip the part, contact us to discuss disassembly charges. You are not purchasing any products with this service, but we can apply this service to items we have in stock. ESTIMATED LEAD TIME CAN BE 6-8 WEEKS. MINIMUM LOT CHARGE OF $100 for BLACK (DLC) PVD.

Shipping charges cover return shipping only.