C&H Precision P320 Filler Plate, RMR

C&H Precision (CHPWS)

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C&H Precision (CHPWS) P320 RMR/SRO Filler Plate, NEW.

This is a new C&H Precision filler plate for mounting the Trijicon RMR or SRO to most new production SIG Sauer P320 slides (2021 and present). This kit includes the shim/filler plate to seal the front and bottom of the optic, plus two sets of specialty 6-40 screws to mount the optic. This kit should also work with the Holosun 507C, but may require longer/shorter screws. Please verify your slide has the RMR hole pattern otherwise you will not be able to mount the optic. THIS IS NOT AN ADAPTER PLATE.

Includes: C&H Precision filler plate, 6-40 screws, and thread locking compound, NEW. Factory grease may be present. No other parts are included.

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