AB Prototype 3D Printed CZ Scorpion Evo Screw and Drill Set

AB Prototype

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New CZ Scorpion Evo Screw and Drill Set for 3D Printed CZ Scorpion by AWCY?. Price per set.

These are the screws, nuts and drill bits you need for finishing your 3D-printed Sczorpion build. Includes 3 different screw lengths in black oxide, black nuts, 3/16" roll pin, drill bits and Loctite 242.

High Speed Steel, Black Oxide, quality drills for clearing out side plate receiver screw holes, drill bit for finishing the charging handle stop and charging handle bore.

Quality US manufactured drill bits (may be substituted depending on availability). 

Includes: #21 Drill, 3/16" Drill, 1/4" Drill, 3/16"X1" Roll Pin, M4X16mm Screws, M4X25 Low Head Screw, M4X40 Screws, M4 Nuts, Loctite 242 (.02 FL oz).

Country Of Origin:

Screws: US & Taiwan

Nuts: China

Loctite: US

Drills: US

Roll Pin: US