X5 Legion Full-Size Grip Module, Gray

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SIG P320 X5 Legion Full-Size Grip Module, Gray

This is the X5 Legion Tungsten-infused Full-Size Grip Module in Legion Gray for any P320 FCU. It will fit 9mm, 40SW, 357SIG (Not 45ACP). Medium size. Same grip used in the P320 X5 Legion pistol. Now available as a separate grip to upgrade your current pistol and add some weight for reduced felt recoil and greater control. This grip includes the flared steel magwell and removable internal weight.

Perfect for your custom P320 Legion-clone build!

Factory new, assembly grease may be present. Add a discounted manual safety cut with checkbox above (+$35).

No additional parts are included!

Includes:  1 X5 Legion Full-Size Grip Module (Gray) with magazine catch, magwell and weight (No packaging). (OPTIONAL Manual Safety Cut, +$35).

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