SIG P365 Extractor, Original Production

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SIG Sauer P365 Extractor Only, NEW (original production).

This is a new SIG P365 extractor. This will work with the older P365 variants (standard P365s) marked with "0118" on underside. This is a drop-in replacement for the older P365 slide. Works with older style OEM and possibly older aftermarket slides such as Norsso, Grey Ghost Precision, Zaffiri Precision and more. Will not work with OEM slides marked "0212" on underside.

Includes: SIG Sauer P365 extractor only (original production), NEW. Includes extractor. Factory grease may be present. No Slide, chamber flag, grip, etc. included

Installation is available for an additional charge.

P365 Slide Parts Kit can be found here: P365 Slide Parts Kit