SIG P320 GEN 1 Slide Catch

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SIG Sauer P320 GEN 1 Slide Catch, NEW.

This is the original design SIG P320 slide catch (1st Generation). This is the same slide catch found in the early version of P320 and P250 pistols. This will work with the early production P320s with 1st Gen grip modules in 9mm, 40SW and 357SIG (non-manual safety and manual safety versions). This will not work correctly in current production grip modules or in 45ACP pistols. Please note this is the slide catch will only work with the first generation grip modules and some X-Series grip modules.

Includes: SIG Sauer GEN 1 slide catch (9mm/40/357) ONLY, NEW. (Bulk packaging). No Slide Catch Pin, Spring, Post, Slide, chamber flag, grip, etc. included.

Installation is available for an additional charge.

Complete lower parts kit can be purchased HERE