Aero Precision Field Repair Kit, AR-15

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Aero Precision Field Repair Kit for AR-15, NEW

This is a new Aero Precision "Field Repair Kit" for the AR-15 platform. It includes many of the springs, pins and parts you may need to replace on your rifle to get it back up and running. Perfect as a repair kit or back-up "just in case." The parts will work with most AR-15 and AR-10 platforms in various calibers. Note that some parts may not be used on all configurations such as the set-screws for the captured rear detent and threaded bolt-catch roll pin. All parts/raw materials 100% USA made.


AR15 Takedown Pin Detent QTY. 2

Takedown Pin Spring QTY. 2

Roll Pin, Forward Assist QTY. 2

Bolt Catch Spring QTY. 2

Bolt Catch Buffer QTY. 1

Bolt Catch Roll Pin QTY. 2

Trigger/Hammer Pin QTY. 1

Safety Selector Spring QTY. 1

Safety Selector Detent QTY. 1

Buffer Retainer QTY. 1

Buffer Retainer Spring QTY. 2

Trigger Guard Roll Pin QTY. 2

Pistol Grip Screw QTY. 1

Pistol Grip Lock Washer QTY. 1

Trigger Spring QTY. 1

Hammer Spring QTY. 1

Disconnector Spring QTY. 1

Nylon Tipped Set Screw 1/4-28 x 1/2 QTY. 1

Set screw #4-40 x 1/8 QTY. 2

Threaded Roll Pin QTY. 1

M4E1 Lower Bolt Catch Pin QTY. 1

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